University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration in Bavaria
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Presentation of the University of Applied Sciences

The University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration in Bavaria (HföD) is an internal university of Bavarian Administration. And it is the only one in Bavaria.

The HföD offers a three-year graduate programme in public administration for both state and municipal civil service. After having successfully graduated HföD students get a diploma “Diplomverwaltungswirt (FH)”, which enables them to work at middle management level or in specialized jobs in public authorities.

Students have the status of civil servants of the Free State of Bavaria or of different local authorities. For that reason the number of students varies every year depending on the requirements of the public employers. In 2018 there have been 555 beginners for the diploma "Diplomverwaltungswirt (FH)" und 102 beginners for the diploma "Diplom-Verwaltungsinformatiker (FH)"and the number of students has been 1.868 in all.

Besides HföD offers further education seminars for experienced public state officials in subjects like management, business affairs and personnel management. Thus graduates of the HföD get familiar with new developments in the public sector.


Graduate programme

The HföD offers a graduate programme focusing on the practical demands of state- and local authorities. The essential subjects are law, economics, social sciences and computer sciences.

One of the special targets is the practical orientation. HföD graduates have special practice oriented qualifications. It is a precondition for lecturers to have relevant professional experience. Students do not only deal with theoretical problems but they also have to work on projects and in the exam they have to answer precise questions on practical work in public authorities.

The HföD has a very compact graduate programme that is targeted and efficient. Thus study period is only three years although the contents are the same as at external Universities of Applied Sciences. Students graduate by writing a diploma thesis and there are also written and oral exams.


Living on the campus

The HföD offers an attractive surrounding area with top equipment and an appealing architecture. Everything students want is on the campus: lecture halls, seminar- and computer rooms, a library, canteen, Italian restaurant and cafeteria, pub, bowling alley, residential areas, gymnasium, tennis courts, beach volleyball fields – all that very close to nature.

The technical equipment is perfectly fit to the specific requirements for education and training. The computers can be used for personal purposes after classes have ended.

In the building the students can use their login name to have access to the Internet via wireless lan, to the Intranet and to an own mail server.

It is possible to use photocopiers, data processing printers and scanners by means of a  credit on a chip card. You can recharge this chip card with a second credit for payment in the canteen.

There is offered accommodation for guest students in the halls of residence. You have to fill in two application forms if you want to study in Hof: Application and learning agreement.

The HföD offers individual- and team sports with a variety of sportive activities (aerobic, volleyball, soccer, hockey, tennis) and organizes sport contests. It is also possible to rent a bike.

Students organize discos, parties and cinema. There is also a university choir and a brass group.

From the campus to the town centre it is just a 20 minutes walk. You find an itinerary here.


Living in Hof

The University of Applied Sciences is situated in Hof in the centre of Europe, half way between Munich and Berlin respectively between Frankfurt and Prag. Hof is a pleasant town with 4.000 students studying at two different universities. The town itself has a population of 45.000 inhabitants and is situated in north-eastern Bavaria, near the border to the Czech Republic. In comparison to metropolitan areas costs of living are low in Hof. Foreign exchange students get accomodation in our students’ residence on the campus at reasonable prices.

Hof offers a variety of leisure activities: an international film festival, a theatre, symphony orchestra, concerts, cabaret and typical regional beer festivals. To go out there are numerous restaurants, beer gardens, cafes or cinemas. Public park “Theresienstein” (close to the campus) and the lake “Untreusee” offer a beautiful landscape to relax or to keep your body fit. Excursions can be made or mountain bike tours to the “Frankenwald” forest or the “Fichtelgebirge”.  It is just a short trip by train to get to many attractive towns.

Handbook for incoming students

impressions of our campus

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